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Meet Mrudula Muralidharan, founder of Million goals.

Motivated by the belief that financial literacy is a fundamental and transformative life skill, she is now coaching young adults in this essential domain and she envisions bringing financial literacy into the mainstream formal education system.

She is driven by the conviction that a well-nurtured understanding of money is not just a skill but a life asset. Through coaching and education, she endeavours to share the empowering message that financial responsibility is not only about wealth accumulation but also about securing one's future and overall well-being.

Based in the thriving city of Doncaster, through her venture, Mrudula is dedicated to imparting valuable knowledge and empowering individuals to take charge of their financial well-being - to lead a peaceful and fulfilling life!

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Mrudula Muralidharan is a highly qualified professional with a double degree in commerce and a professional qualification as a Cost and Management Accountant (India).

Mrudula embarked on a journey that led her through various roles, ultimately finding her true passion in coaching and public speaking.


After spending three years in an audit firm, Mrudula realized that her heart lay elsewhere. She discovered joy in addressing audiences, delivering speeches at the Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of India, where she shared insights with both students and esteemed members. This passion for public speaking paved the way for Mrudula to transition into teaching accounts at the Institute, marking the beginning of a fulfilling career in education.


Driven by her love for teaching and public speaking, Mrudula donned multiple hats over the years. She became a private tutor for UK graduates, a mock examiner for CIMA students at a coaching academy, and a Udemy instructor specializing in management accounting. She also ventured into entrepreneurship, founding KaizenEdu to guide Indian commerce students in their career paths.


The journey didn't stop there. Mrudula gained formal teaching experience as an accounts lecturer for commerce undergraduate foundation students at Aston University, Birmingham. Progressing further, she took on the role of an associate lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, teaching Professional Skills to commerce undergraduate students.


While still maintaining her position as a Udemy instructor for management accounting, Mrudula has embarked on a new venture in the UK – Million Goals. Motivated by the belief that financial literacy is a fundamental and transformative life skill, she is now coaching young adults in this essential domain.

Continuing her commitment to enhancing financial literacy, Mrudula is currently pursuing a 'Certificate of Financial Services' from the prestigious Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). This endeavor reflects her dedication to gaining comprehensive insights into personal finances and insurance, further equipping her with the knowledge to empower others on their financial journeys.

Impart financial literacy to everyone irrespective of background


"A future where every individual, regardless of background or socioeconomic status, possesses a strong foundation in financial literacy."

Personal finance coach for individuals, businesses, vulnerable women. Aim to extend to educational institutes


"To bridge the gap in financial literacy by conducting engaging and informative workshops tailored for young adults. We also aim to work towards the integration of financial literacy into mainstream education"

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