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Why Financial coaching from Million Goals?


Understand all about money management

Learn from the basics of budgeting to expense management to savings & investments. 

Build a strong foundation for yourself for life in the UK, build healthy money habits & take control of your money



Learn about the mystified payslips and how you can read it. Also learn about tax and various benefits you can claim them


Secure financial future - a stress-free life

By investing in learning about money management today you are unlocking a secure and fulfilling future for yourself and your family. Reap the benefits of this coaching program for life


Learn your values

Through the program also understand about your values and how to identify them from time to time. 

Go on to build a financial plan that fits in perfectly for a life you desire

1-on-1 Workshops

Who is it for?

  • Individuals in the UK aged between 20 & 40

  • Including immigrants and International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

  • First time earners in the UK

  • Young entrepreneurs in the UK


  • Route to Financial wellbeing - Know your values

  • Budgeting (Zero based budgeting technique)​

  • Setting goals & future forecasting

  • Emergency fund, Savings & Investments


Know it all

  • Route to financial wellbeing - Know your values

  • Budgeting (Zero based Budgeting technique)

  • Payslips, Tax & NI

  • Expense management

  • Setting goals & Future forecasting

  • Emergency fund, Savings & Investments

  • Brief intro on - pensions, insurance, credit cards & loans

  • Regular practices

Programs offered:

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